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Name:Slipping Away
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Slipping Away Tech
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Harry Potter role playing game

Following the Dark Lord's dramatic reunion with his followers and the subsequent battle at the Ministry of Magic, the Wizarding World is in an uproar. The Dementors and most of the Giants have joined Voldemort, and information critical to the Order of the Phoenix is mysteriously leaking to the Death Eaters and their master. Chaos--murders, explosions, escapes--is unavoidable and rampant as the Dark Lord struggles more vehemently than ever to obtain power.

Meanwhile, the Order of the Phoenix is working diligently to keep Voldemort from succeeding. Harry Potter has inherited Grimmauld Place, but Kreacher is having trouble adjusting to his new master. At Hogwarts, Severus Snape is now teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts, which is very unpopular with the students, if not the faculty. The Order is in disarray, a result of Sirius Black's death at the hand of Bellatrix Lestrange.


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore
Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration; Head of Gryffindor)

Professor Bathsheda Babbling (Ancient Runes; Head of Hufflepuff)
Professor Angelique Epine-Vinette (Herbology)
Professor Filius Flitwick (Charms; Head of Ravenclaw)
Doctor Rukminesh Gupta (Potions)
Professor Severus Snape (Defence Against the Dark Arts; Head of Slytherin)
Chris Warrington (Apprentice; Ancient Runes)
Professor Sibyll Trelawney (Divination) *
Professor Cuthbert Binns (History of Magic)
Professor Charity Burbage (Muggle Studies)
Argus Filch (Caretaker)
Professor Firenze (Divination)
Professor Rubeus Hagrid (Care of Magical Creatures)
Professor Rolanda Hooch (Flying; Quidditch)
Madame Irma Pince (Librarian)
Madame Poppy Pomfrey (Healer)
Professor Aurora Sinistra (Astronomy)
Professor Septima Vector (Arithmancy)

Colin Creevey
Dennis Creevey
Seamus Finnigan
Hermione Granger (Prefect)
Neville Longbottom
Natalie MacDonald
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley (Prefect)
Søren Zabini
Parvati Patil *
Romilda Vane *
Ginny Weasley (Prefect) *
Lavender Brown
Ritchie Coote
Andrew Kirke
Jimmy Peakes
Demelza Robins
Jack Sloper

Hannah Abbott (Prefect)
Susan Bones
Ernie Macmillan (Prefect)
Owen Cauldwell *
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Zacharias Smith

Su Li
Luna Lovegood
Padma Patil (Prefect)
Terry Boot
Michael Corner
Anthony Goldstein (Prefect; Head Boy)

Millicent Bulstrode
Vincent Crabbe
Gregory Goyle
Astoria Greengrass
Daphne Greengrass (Head Girl)
Draco Malfoy (Prefect)
Theodore Nott
Pansy Parkinson (Prefect)
Louis Thompson (Prefect)
Blaise Zabini

Miscellaneous Characters

Miles Bletchley
Remus Lupin
Horace Slughorn
Nymphadora Tonks *
Arthur Weasley *
Fred Weasley *
George Weasley *
Molly Weasley *
Professor Pomona Sprout (Deceased)
Dean Thomas (Deceased)

Additional non-playable characters

Characters marked with an asterisk (*) are not claimed, but have journals created.

[community profile] sa_dance_party - For anyone who wants to talk about SA. Including the characters.
[community profile] sa_tech - For players to discuss gameplay and characterization.

About Slipping Away:
This community has a very simple goal: to be a fun and well-written R.P.G. based on the Harry Potter books.

The format of the game is also quite simple. The community journal, [community profile] slipping_away, is to be used for posting R.P. transcripts and for role-playing via comments. The character journals are understood to be actual, charmed books available to people within the Wizarding World as a means of magical communication, and are required for all Hogwarts students (and faculty), who were very surprised to see them on their book lists toward the end of the summer. At the beginning of "private" entries, an italicized note will inform the reader exactly who can or cannot read the entry. If a student wishes to send an owl to his or her parent(s), the original correspondence should be placed in a single entry in the community journal. All following correspondence will be completed in the comments. Under no circumstances shall any player make an out-of-character comment while logged in as the character.

All characters are encouraged to create a journal entry at least once every two weeks in order to keep the community active. Continued inactivity may result in being asked to put your characters up for adoption by another player.

Rachel—[personal profile] lunesque

Joining Slipping Away:
To apply to join, please send an email to the Slipping Away moderator ([personal profile] lunesque at containing the following:

1. Your DW or LJ username and any instant messaging usernames.
2. Which character(s) you wish to adopt.
3. A character sheet—the formula may be found here, and examples may be found here.
4. A sample journal entry from your character's point-of-view. Also, if your personal journal doesn't contain much content, we would like you to send us some of your personal writing: fanfiction, original fiction, original nonfiction, etc.

Once the moderator has received the email, she will send you an email in response, telling you whether you've been accepted. We ask that you do not create your character(s)' journal(s) before being accepted; upon acceptance, we'd also like it if you would tell the moderator the username(s) you desire for your character(s). The moderator will create the journal(s) for you, and hand the password over to you. It is preferred that you provide your own Dreamwidth invite code, but if you don't have one, ask us. We might have one we can use.

After your character's journal is created, you are welcome to change the password if you wish, but we ask that if you do so, you notify the moderator of your new password. We ask this so that we can keep relative control of the community—we will never edit your journal or entries unless you break the rules (which there are few of) or become inactive.

If you want to play a character that is currently being played, let us know, as there's a good chance that the character in question is being played by someone with more than one character. We'll ask the person if they'd be willing to give up the character, and if they say yes and if we like your application, you may just get the character. If a new player adopts a previously-played character (whether the character was abandoned, ejected, or if it was taken from someone in the above manner), the new player must conform to the original characterization, or make the change in personality an evolution. Abrupt changes in characterization throw everyone off balance.

Certain characters being played are not available for adoption, as they feature heavily in planned plot elements. If the character you want to play isn't on the above list, don't worry about it; just send the application as usual.

We might consider allowing an original character to join the game, but the character sheet and sample entry would have to be stellar. In general, we prefer characters whose names are mentioned in the Harry Potter canon--there are so many of them, it's easy to pick one to play however you please.
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